Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Toy

Check this computer out, it's interesting... Last week, I saved from being thrown out a circa 2002 Fujitsu B2160 Lifebook. It's a little worn and has scuffs all over so it's not pretty anymore. Considering it was made in 2002 and was owned by a large sales firm, that's not surprising. Anyways, this sucker has a 30gb hard drive, 256mb ram, Windows XP SP3, 800mhz Tualatin core Pentium III and, coolest of all, a 1024x768 10" LCD touch screen. I love the small size and light weight but the touch screen is what really makes this thing nifty to me. Since most of what I do with computers is pretty light, this machine actually works well for me. Check out the photo posted; despite being almost a decade old this machine looks quite modern.

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