Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do You Remember ... ?

You know, I try not to take ideas from other sites if I can help it but this one was too good to pass up. You already know that I like to post older commercials, and I have also been planning some "Retro Reviews", but a site that I really enjoy, The Gadgeteer has recently posted something I found really cool.

Here is the post, Do you remember? Fire up the Time Flux Capacitor… that gave me this idea. I posted in the comments that I have this site along with my two friends, Tsubasa and Alex. I do not really like to post the link to our blog on other sites, but since this was related to what I want this blog to be, I figured once and awhile cannot hurt. Right?

Well. To make a long story short, the post mentions some older stuff that they wish to discuss, such as the iPAQ line of PDAs, which I do own one of the newer models of, and even the old Palm Pilot has been mentioned in the comments. This is one thing that I really love to get into. I love older computers, but as you can see my real focus tends to be on the smaller side of the hobby. I LOVE to collect older PDAs since they are still rather useful for me, and that includes even my older ones like my Visor Deluxe and Visor Pro, but even my NEC MobilePro 780. The Visor was a common handheld to own, but how many people do you know that own something that not only ran Windows CE but was the size of a small notebook and is still called a PDA?

One of the things that as really intrigued me into doing this is the Sigmarion III that Tsubasa is sending me. I will have it soon, so I have been looking into software for it. One of the really cool programs is one I plan on doing a little section about it. I was given a CD before with Windows CE software on it, and I couldn't try this program into now since I needed an ARM CPU and my NEC runs a MIPS CPU. I do not want to get into it now, but the program is Softmaker Office 2006. There is a 2011 version that also runs on Windows CE as well but this is the one I have so it will be good enough for me.

This program is not what I would think of as being a typical PDA program. This office suite is almost like taking Microsoft Office for the desktop and making it run on a PDA. It can do everything that you can do on your desktop, but on a PDA. I do not know for sure that you can do EVERYTHING, but I can safely say that it sure as hell comes close to everything.

Please post in the comments about stuff that you have and remember using when it was the BEST THING EVER!!! I would love to read about it, and I will even let people submit articles for us to post on here. So whether you want to post a review, or even some pictures, or just a story about what you used to use, leave us a comment.

Sorry that I stole your idea Lim, but it was too good to pass up!

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