Thursday, October 6, 2011

Portability At Last! Part 4

So now I bet you're wondering. The Toshiba is dead, the Acer is dead, and the T20 was sold and now dead. What laptop am I using? Well, this is where the story line gets skewed as I can not remember when I had got this one, but it was before I sold the T20 for a friend which died 9 months later as stated above.

From Averatec 1020

One of my very good friends had sent me an Averatec laptop. This was a precursor to the netbook, and in some ways, had very similar specifications to the very first model Eee PC line from Asus. The Averatec was one of the 1000 series, the 1020 model. This was an ultra portable computer, or a subnotebook as it has also been called. When I had received it, the laptop was only about 3 years old.

The Averatec was an amazing little machine really. While it only had a Celeron ULV running at 1GHZ, the screen had something I really loved. It was a 10.6" screen, yet it had almost the same resolution as my Toshiba, 1280x768 so it was 32 pixels shorter. When you look at a netbook, which only has a 1024x600 screen, it was a major advantage. It also had a DVD drive which none of the netbooks had.

It had a 60GB hard drive and 512MB of DDR RAM. Well you know how I am. I just had to crack it open and install an 80GB hard drive and double the RAM. These were leftover pieces from when I retired the Acer after all. That was a pain, as you needed to take off the bottom of the laptop, and that was almost a full disassembly procedure!

Now, one of the things you should realize now is that it had its own set of issues. For one, the bottom was made of metal and it ran HOT. The heat is a common issue actually when I think about it, but the right side of the palm rest would also get hot and could make typing annoying at times.

There was one major issue and that is the straw that broke the camels back in this case. The left mouse button had broken and wouldn't always register when clicked. The problem was that the plastic button, not the sensor itself, had broken. I had later sold this laptop a friend who claims that it has since broken quite a bit on him. He said the DVD drive has a broken ribbon cable for example, and I had to change out the hard drive not long after he bought it, and this is why I don't sell computers anymore.

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