Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Singularity 2014 Part 2

Tsubasa Kato shot a few  guards, while they crept stealthily. They checked the dead man's clothing, and as they had expected, found narcotics.

1 year ago, Tsubasa bought he latest iPad mini to blog and surf the internet.

Now they have specialized parabola antennas so they could monitor any electronics within a kilometer. Mikey made the arabola antenna, while Tsubasa made the software and special cable for it,

Without doubt, they needed all the gadgets they had to complete the mission. Luckily, Mikey had a house full of them, so he brought along the best selected ones, including Sigmarion 3 ,

Sigmarion 3 had the most powerful processor, it was modified to an Tegra 4 based CPU running at 2.6Ghz. Mikey and Tsubasa cooperated on this, thus we dubbed it Sigmarion 4.

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