Sunday, July 27, 2014

Singularity 2014 Part 5

The hack became intense as the rain became harder too.
Tsubasa and Mikey thought the same thing. "It must be a weather weapon". Weather weapons changed the weather and made weathers crazy for certain affected places. Russia had been doing that for decades.

Simply put, Tsubasa and Mikey were safe for now, but the HQ was in very dangerous situation. Classified documents relating to Aegis weapons and submarines were leaking by TB/s. Somebody had to stop this or all the edge against Chinese and North Koreans would be lost.

Tsubasa calculated the ETA for returning to Atsugi base, and Mikey was radioing with a short wave radio to prepare for the stealth helicopter they were on to safely land on the base.

Anonymous white-hat hackers began to assemble physically in a classified bunker in Atsugi base, and one of them was of a Vietnamese - Japanese decent. He was indeed the cousin of Tsubasa, called David.

David was in the Marines, but he did more than that. He was engineer by day and hacker by night. His favorite superhero was batman.

David joined the Marines several years ago, but Tsubasa and David hadn't seen each other for ages. The white-hat anonymous hackers were preventing the core system of the Atsugi base to be attacked, so they built cyber-trenches and cyber-traps (honeypots) so the state backed APT hackers would not get in to the core of cores.

To be continued...

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