Monday, December 7, 2015

After Considering between Vaio Pro 13 mk2 and Macbook Air 11inch...

After considering between Vaio Pro 13 mk2 and Macbook Air 11 inch, I've decided to buy a Macbook Air 11 inch 256GB model with 4GB of RAM. I also bought a copy of Windows 10 Home and Office 2016 for Mac.

I'm typing from Windows 10 Home on top of Macbook Air 11 inch using Virtual Box. It gets a little bit laggy since I'm running iTunes, and Tiny Core Linux at the same time. Currently 3.76GB of RAM is used. (2GB is used for the Windows 10 and 512MB for Tiny Core Linux).

The Tiny Core Linux is interesting because it's minimalistic, and I'm running Hackedbox as X window manager.

Mohawk Search Beta running on Lillo 3 SSL Ver.

In the coming months, I'm going to study HarvardX, LPIC, and alot of Perl & Python. I also want to build an application like Silk browser to accelerate webbrowsing using Raspberry Pi 2 cluster. It will probably be a very good experiment.

I think I will save up for the Vaio Pro 13 mk2, but I don't know what will happen as I hear 3 companies, Vaio, TOSHIBA, and Fujitsu are going to merge and become Vaio or something.... It will be a crazy mix breed.... lol

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