Thursday, April 30, 2015

Final Fantasy Agito

Final Fantasy Agito is something I've been playing on my Xperia Z3 SOL26.
It is pretty fun, and I like how you can create your own character.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sony Electronic Book Player DD-S35 (DATA Discman)

Electronic Book Player DD-S35 (DATA Discman) is something I bought today.

I am amazed by the quality of this Electronic Book Player / Electronic Dictionary.
The design reminds me of Vaio Type U which I used to have.

DD-S35 was made in Japan in 2000, selling at 43,800yen.

This retro DD-S35 screen is very well made, and very easy to see.
I think I like it better than my old SEIKO one, because it's Sony and because of the design.

The DATA disc contains bird chirps and it includes Azure winged magpie chirp. That made me really happy because I used to have an Azure winged magpie called Q-chan for 13 years.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Could successfully (?) Run DSL on NEC LifeTouch Note

Could successfully (?) Run DSL on NEC LifeTouch Note which runs Android 2.2.

The thing is, the GUI movement is very slow...

The terminal app is working well, so I may as well get a very old distribution of Linux on Limbo PC emulator to test out. Until next time.

Mohawk Search on Nokia N800

Mohawk Search on Nokia N800 Woot! It works!

Thanks Mikey for showing it via Skype!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Link of the Day

My first computer had a Windows 95 OS in it, but folks older than me probably remember minicomputers if they are from those era. I found a good site called where they showcase lots of retro computers.

Here's a link to PDP-8.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

GAME BOY Advance

I've been a bit fascinated by GAMEBOY Advance and other GAMEBOY, since I like retro game and game consoles.

The GAME BOY Advance has a spec of: CPU: ARM7TDMI(16.78MHz)+Z80 Custom(4.2/8.4MHz)

It also uses a Sharp TFT, which is amazing. I remember me wanting one a bit long time ago, but our parents didn't really want me to have a portable game console. I had only GAMEBOY Pocket and PS2 which I rarely played.

 The interest for me now is that I want to someday run UNIX on it described here (yes, I mentioned it the other day too).  Which reminds me, maybe I'll buy another Sigmarion 3 to put some Linux on it...