Friday, November 11, 2016

V-22 Osprey on Sigmarion 3 (Windows CE.NET 4.1)

V-22 Osprey on Sigmarion 3 (Windows CE.NET 4.1)

Methods taken:
1. Formatted 64GB microSDXC to FAT32.
2. Copied the Leo's Flight Simulator Cab available here on HPCFactor.
3. Inserted 64GB microSDXC into a SDXC to CF adapter.
4. Inserted the SDXC to CF adapter to Sigmarion 3.
5. Installed Leo's Flight Simulator on the 64GB micro SDXC inside SDXC to CF adapter.
6. Waited for some rather long loading screen.

*Note it doesn't have to be 64GB microSDXC, but I wanted to make Sigmarion 3 useful even in 2016, so I used it. :-)

Tsubasa Kato 11/11/2016

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