Monday, September 3, 2012

Random Thoughts - Kato Version #2: In-Memory Computing

Random Thoughts - Kato Version #2: In-Memory Computing

Here's my random thoughts.

As memory price is getting cheaper and cheaper, the "memory is the new disk" notion is becoming a reality. My server's at 16GB of memory, and this machine I'm writing has 4GB of memory.

Moving the database from disk to memory doesn't cost as much as it did 10 years ago.

Also, the technology is always advancing meaning you can get cheaper and faster memory as time passes.

This "disk" we hold on to may be the thing we won't be needing in the future, as we move on to cheaper SSDs.

The only problem with SSD is the mini freeze issue that comes up. I think there are several fixes to this such as Trim and Garbage Collection, but when that becomes fixed, the transition from hard drives to SSD will be really fast.

ioDrive is a really cool thing to put in your server if you have the money, but it is something most individuals can't afford yet.

When ioDrive gets cheaper and SSD gets better performance as in no mini freeze, I will be making whole new server machine using CentOS as the OS. But that will probably be at least a few years away. Until then I will be upgrading the memory to faster memory (over-clocked?) and changing the CPU to 6 core Phenom II.

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