Thursday, October 6, 2011

Old Post: SPB Wallet

One of the only software reviews I did!

What is SPB Wallet? It is a program that allows you to store and retain passwords for stuff like Websites, Credit Cards, Computer Serial Numbers and a ton of other things. So what does SPB Wallet have to offer? Lets take a look...

The program comes in two parts. One is for your Desktop computer. This will allow you to enter data from a PC and also to view data entered from a PDA. I will cover this Desktop one first. The Desktop application can import files from other programs such as eWallet, and from a custom CVS file.

This program also included web browser integration so that you can automatically fill out forms on websites that the you have entered. This works with both Firefox and Internet Explorer. It can automatically capture a card from the sites you visit to help you save time as well.

The second program is for your Pocket PC or SmartPhone. Since it also supports the touch screen and non touch screen Windows Mobile versions, it is set up for one handed usage. Being able to use the program one handed is very important as it will make getting your information faster.

The program even included "Smart tags" to call the SMS, email, or other programs up as well. For example, clicking a WWW button will open the web browser and log into the sit for you. This means that you do not need to spend time logging into the site and don't need to remember the login information.

There is a search feature to find the card you are looking for quicker. This can be extremely useful for when you have a lot of websites in the program. For example, if you had a site listing for a forum, you only need to hit the right soft key, search, and then start to type the forum name. You do not need to type the whole name in.

The program also includes a great password generator. You can set the password strength and size. You get the option to include lower and upper case letters, numbers, brackets, special characters, spaces, and even only a set of custom defined characters. There is also an option that will make the password pronounceable.

The program is easy to skin, with custom colors. This also includes the log in screen. The programs has tons of built in templates like Master Card, Visa, and many more. You can also create and order new templates for free.

One of the neater features is that you can input the number to call if your card is lost or stolen, and be able to have the program dial the number for you if you have a phone device. I only have a standard Pocket PC device so I can not test the SMS and Phone functions.

You can have a card display as many fields as you wish. For example, you can have the program display extra fields for a website, like describing the site, or the email account used to register for the site.

No need to be worried about your data being stolen from the application thanks to its 256 bit AES encryption system! The only way that they can get this data is if you have a weak password or someones knows it. The best part is that it gets backed up on your computer so if your PDA fails, you lose very little data.

So, is this program worth the 30 dollars? I think so! The program only uses 3.2MB of storage space, and the space for the data that you enter. The cards are highly customizable so you could even use it for different things then credit cards and passwords! The program is easy to use as well.

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