Thursday, June 30, 2011


Before I post the Sigmarion Review Part 2, I just wanted to show you my EMONSTER S11HT (a variant of HTC Kaiser).

I used to use the Softbank's Emobile SIM on the device, but since I changed my smartphone to HTC EVO WiMAX, I use it only on Wi-Fi.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Word Cloud of words used so far.

Slightly off topic, but I made a word cloud of words used so far on Classical Computing.

I will be posting the word cloud once in a while again.

I used this site.

Sigmarion 3 Review Part 1

You guys might have heard of the famous Sigmarion 3 from NTT Docomo. I'm going to give this to Mikey on August when I go to USA, and here are two pictures.

As you can see, the Sigmarion 3 is very well made, with tiny keyboard and a TFT touchscreen. You can mod it to have English MUI (English interface). I know Mikey will be really happy when he sees the beautiful TFT screen. :).

There's a lot you can do with this device, and will be posting Part 2 soon.

-Tsubasa Kato (stingraze)

Visor Deluxe Review, Part 1

This is going to be a multiple part review of the Handspring Visor Deluxe. I have the Ice model, but I will start by posting pictures of the box for the Graphite model. The only difference is the color of the handheld itself of course.

You can click the photograph to get to a larger view.

From Visor Deluxe Review

From Visor Deluxe Review

From Visor Deluxe Review

From Visor Deluxe Review

From Visor Deluxe Review

From Visor Deluxe Review

The next part will be a look at the Visor itself and some basic information.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Introducing Zano!

Introductions are in order for sure. I am Mikey Pizano, but my friends call me Zano. The choice is up to you though. This blog will be a joint venture with a friend of mine from Japan who will write up his own introduction post as well.

I am going to keep this short and to the point, since we are still setting everything up for now. Hopefully we can have detailed author pages made up, but for now it simply time to say Hello.

Why Classical Computing? Why NOT? I love old technology, and I know that I am not alone in this love. I am hoping that by posting on this blog, I can help right one of the wrongs on the internet. I love old technology and I love reading about it but there is one thing that always seems to be missing when I am going to be getting a new toy.

You can never find good reviews or really good pictures! The plan here is to get old technology and review it, and I am going to do the reviews the RIGHT way! They will have a lot of pictures and a lot of information on the hardware itself. Now sit back, bookmark this site, and wait for the reviews and more to start flowing in!

Hi from Tsubasa Kato

Hi. My name is Tsubasa Kato.

My nick name from my highschool years were Captain, Tsuby, and etc. I like gadgets, I enjoy old and new. I'm recently into more of new gadgets, though I have a nostalgia for classic computers as well.

My dream is someday to be able to build Apple I.

I used to be a reporter for IDG Japan, with their now privately owned DigitalworldTokyo. I go to a lot of conventions, blogger's meetings, and I've been to Google Japan in Tokyo several times in the past.

I'm recently into Perl programming and learning Java for backend and Android development.

My favorite digital camera is KonicaMinolta Dimage Z1 with a pig nose 52mm filter adapter.

Will be writing soon!


Welcome to Classical Computing, the blog for people who think 640KB of memory is plenty!