Saturday, February 22, 2014

Classical Computing ASCII Art

Classical Computing ASCII Art

I created today.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Got a Kohjinsha SA1F00

Got a Kohjinsha SA1F00 today.

The device is very well made, but the one I bought has dead battery.
This has AMD Geode CPU at 498MHz.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sharp Netwalker PC-Z1 - First Impressions

I got a Sharp Netwalker PC-Z1 today, and I'm going to share my first impression.

Overall, I really like the device, especially the fact that it runs Ubuntu 9.04. I connected to WiFi using my WiFi tethered mobile phone, and it worked flawlessly.

This device is good for study in Cafe or library, and I think it will be really good for those who don't want to carry a big laptop around all day because you have other luggage like books. (That's me)

The startup time is pretty fast, not ultra fast, and battery lasts long time.

I'm amazed this was made in 2009, and I will be reviewing it in detail soon.

Sharp Netwalker PC-Z1's desktop

Sharp Netwalker PC-Z1 viewing Mohawk Search

Sharp Netwalker PC-Z1 viewing Google on mobile mode.

Tsubasa Kato

Flappy Birds - Tried on HTC Desire

Okay, to finally see what the hype Flappy Birds was making, I decided to try on HTC Desire, after it was pulled from Google Play. I suck at it, only got 3... but yeah definitely not a game for me, since I RARELY play games on mobile / smartphone.

I get satisfied on a GAMEBOY pocket ;)


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pocket Scheme on Sigmarion 2

So, after I found an AC adaptor that works for the Sigmarion 2 (9V). I got Pocket Scheme working on it.

I figured this might be a little better than using Tytn II (EMONSTER S11HT) if I were to use it on the go, but I'll have to see about that. The keys are much bigger than Tytn II (EMONSTER S11HT), so yeah. You can download Pocket Scheme here.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dot Matrix Printer Plays "Eye of the Tiger"

Dot Matrix Printer Plays "Eye of the Tiger"

I know Mikey likes to listen to music done by old floppy drives and hard drives, but I found something different, music done by dot matrix printer.

Someday, I think I want to buy a dot matrix printer to print out "mission briefings" haha. :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Pocket Scheme on EMONSTER S11HT (Tytn II)

Ths is Pocket Scheme on EMONSTER S11HT (Tytn II variant).

The other day, I was frantically trying to run Scheme on Linux Zaurus, but none of the ones I could download at this moment really worked well.

So I decided to get my EMONSTER S11HT (Tytn II variant) out and do some simple programming in Scheme.

The concept I'm focusing now is lambda calculation, and it's definitely gotten me a little smarter than before.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Some old Compact Flash (CF) Cards

Some old Compact Flash (CF) Cards of mine.

From the left: VIKING 64MB, LEXAR 128MB, SanDisk 256MB.

These Compact Flash cards come in handy in time to time.