Thursday, October 6, 2011

Portability At Last! Part 5

So, now what had replaced this Averatec? Well, that would have to be a netbook of course! I had used a small laptop and by now I couldn't just go back to using a large 15.4" model again. Not after I had used that little Averatec so long.

So after much debate, I had decided to finally upgrade to a much better travel computer. When I had the Averatec, as my friend Matt would tell you, I had wanted to get an Eee PC for so long and wouldn't be able to be happy with myself as long as the Averatec was still usable. Now, that had all changed, and I could finally get what I had wanted for so long now.

I had looked online, and I had debated so many times what model I wanted. The only one I could even consider was the one that started it all, the Asus Eee PC line. This had been the best choice since I could use Linux on it and shouldn't have any issues since everyone knew they were well supported. This is when the Pine Trail Atom CPU has been released, and I wanted nothing else.

I had to order it online, but when I had saved up the 350 I needed, I jumped on Amazon and placed the order for the 1005PE, in blue. This was the one that got the claimed 14 hour battery life, and while I had never truly tested it, I have never had to plug it in because I had no power left over to use it. Even with great battery life, I still plug it in when I can, since it would be a waste not to in my opinion.

From Eee PC 1005PE

Now, this model came with a 250GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM, and of course I had to upgrade those. In fact, I doubled them with a 500GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM. This also meant that I needed to dissemble the machine to upgrade the hard drive so I had waited on that until last year.

This one had it's own problems to, and now I am starting to think I may be cursed or something here! There was something rattling around in the machine, something I could have just as easily fixed myself but it was under warranty so off it went to Asus. It took a long time to get it back and I was very sorry I hadn't just grabbed my screw driver. After this, I had upgraded the hard drive.

Now, this laptop is still used, but I have been thinking about reinstalling Windows 7 on it so that it would run like new again. I have some issues connecting to the WiFi at my friends house for some reason I have a feeling that a restore may be just what it needs. Right now, I can knock on wood and say that all is working well hardware wise.

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