Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Great Android Experiment, Part I

Well, I have decided that I want to do an experiment, involving Android, and what will be my next purchase, a new tablet. I have the HTC Flyer now, which is a quite nice little 7" tablet, but I want something better. I have plans on purchasing an Asus Transformer sometime in the future, perhaps if one goes on sale for a great price, or I will wait until after CES and a new model comes out, but the timing is not important as what I am doing now is.
The experiment is a simple one, but an important one as well. If I get the Asus, it will become my laptop, replacing the Vaio I currently use, that was given to me by a friend. So my experiment is simple, all of the programs I need exist on Android, and technically, I have a desktop I can use as well for stuff like printing files and the like. So, the question remains... Can I use nothing but Android? Can I survive without Windows except for the rare things like printing a file, or working on my other projects like typing uo recipes since I would use an old Pentium MMX laptop to split and organize the files for Dropbox.
I am typing this up with a Bluetooth keyboard, using only the Blogger app on my tablet, so I guess you can say that the experiment starts now!

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