Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sharp IS01

On December 13, I got another package in the mail, but this one is special. This one came from my friend, and cowriter, in Japan. Thank you to Tsubasa Kato for the Christmas gift! Right now, I am trying to get used to the keyboard layout. Since the way this is designed, there is no onscreen keyboard, so you need to use the hardware keyboard.

I am not quite sure but my best guess is that the keyboard was designed primarily for thumb use, versus putting onto a flat surface such as a desk and using your index finger. Tsubasa, leave a comment about that please. When seeing the keys, and judging by the way they feel, this is more akin to a laptop than a traditional thumb keyboard like a Treo or Blackberry would have.

This design reminds me of the Netwalker, which is also made by Sharp, so that makes sense. I will post some pictures later when I have a chance to take some.

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  1. Yep. Probably it was made for thumb typing use. :)