Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Some more info on the Droid 2

Well, yesterday I got two broken DROID 2 phones from a friend of mine. One has a slightly cracked screen and the other would turn on but had no image on the screen. I was given them for that reason. I figured that either I would get a new toy or something to take apart.

The one with the crack on the screen does sort of work, but often acts weird with a lot of glitches like rotating at random and saying the car dock was connected.  I am thinking that either it got wet or something is seriously messed up with that one.

So I ended up taking apart the one that had no image on the screen too see what was connected wrong. I had thought maybe it was something simple like a loose connection, and turns out that I was right!!! Simply pressing down on the screen cable connection and it is working like nothing happened!

Sadly I didn't take any pictures of when I took it apart, but they can be found online on other sites. The important thing is that I got it working, and have a new toy to play with! Expect to see more of this soon as well as a full review!

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