Saturday, July 19, 2014

Singularity 2014 Part 4

The helicopter somehow managed to get the situation under control when Tsubasa called in for artillery barrage in the near by region after 5 minutes of intense battle with the enemy ground troops.

A X-47B flew by just in time to launch an air to surface missile, and "booom!" the explosion came.

Mikey was still firing his heavy machine gun, and Tsubasa now used his sniper rifle to snipe out some enemy officers.

It was getting cloudy, and there were slight rain....

Back at the HQ, officer Brandon Jones was looking out for enemy choppers in the area by the monitor indicating  the placement of friendlies and enemies in the region. There were still 5 red marks indicating enemies, and that was to be wiped out soon. Or so he thought. It was as easy as calling in the MLRS division. Little did he know that the Chinese and North Koreans were hacking the network of the HQ Command Center...

To be Continued.

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