Saturday, August 16, 2014

Random Thoughts: Thinkpads, Netbooks, and Linux, Part 1

Well it's time for another Random Thoughts post I think. I fixed the Asus Eee PC 1005PE, as well as mostly fixing the ThinkPad T41. I didn't document the process as it didn't go as smooth and I would have preferred it to go, so I figured I would regretfully skip doing it this time. But, the key thing is I have 2 more usable laptops to play with!

For the Eee PC, I needed to replace the LCD cable and my neighbor just so happened to have a broken screen for a similar 1001 model. So I took the cable and put it into mine, so now everything on it works again. I also put the 500GB hard drive back in, and installed Windows 7. I did notice the fan now makes some noise but it works well otherwise so I am not going to mess around with that one again!

The next laptop I repaired is the one that UPS broke. My friend ordered the new hinges and the bottom panel for me. I replaced the hinges, so it can be used as a laptop now and I plan to do the base sooner or later but that will take some time. I figure that with at the least the hinges in, I can move it around with me without any worries, and then replace the bottom when I have some extra time one day.

In this, I installed a 60GB hard drive, since it is IDE that is the largest my neighbor had, and I don't have anything larger either. I have the 512MB DDR SODIMM it came with still under the keyboard, and added a 256MB chip to the slot on the bottom. I have no idea why they decided to have one of the slots under the keyboard since they had plenty of room otherwise.

So what I am doing with this system? I figured that Windows XP is getting to be too old, and too slow, so I went with Linux. I was going to use straight Ubuntu and then install LXDE, but it proved to be slow as well so I downloaded Lubuntu, and it runs a good bit better now. Granted it can still use some tweaking, but it seems that everything is working so far. This includes the Wifi and sound, as well as suspend, though I did not test hibernation yet. The one thing I did notice that doesn't work are shortcut keys for volume, but that isn't a major issue right now.

I will be posting more as I use it more, as it been quite a good while since I used Linux much. I have Dropbox installed, as well as Libre Office, so I think I am good on the software side as it came with Firefox and Pidgin already.

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