Sunday, January 25, 2015

GAME BOY Advance

I've been a bit fascinated by GAMEBOY Advance and other GAMEBOY, since I like retro game and game consoles.

The GAME BOY Advance has a spec of: CPU: ARM7TDMI(16.78MHz)+Z80 Custom(4.2/8.4MHz)

It also uses a Sharp TFT, which is amazing. I remember me wanting one a bit long time ago, but our parents didn't really want me to have a portable game console. I had only GAMEBOY Pocket and PS2 which I rarely played.

 The interest for me now is that I want to someday run UNIX on it described here (yes, I mentioned it the other day too).  Which reminds me, maybe I'll buy another Sigmarion 3 to put some Linux on it...

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