Friday, January 23, 2015

Newest Additions Part 4: HTC Touch Pro (X05HT)

The last device, or what I should say what I had thought to be the last thing, was the one that came from Japan. I ended up getting more after that so it ended up not being the last after all. So cutting to the chase, the fourth device was the gift that Tsubasa had sent me for Christmas. I had sent him the iPAQ that he already posted about. What he sent me was also Windows Mobile based, but a phone instead of just a plain PDA like I sent.

It is a Japanese version of the HTC Touch Pro. This is a slider phone with a keyboard, which is why I was happy to get it. I have mentioned before that I have gone crazy trying different keyboards, so anytime I have the option to try one, I jump on it! For someone like me, I would be stupid not to right?

This one specifically is interesting since it came with a beta version of Windows Mobile 6.1 and would say "Not for resale" when booting, so it was likely a review unit. All in all, the hardware itself is interesting compared to other stuff that was for sale at the time. They put in a few neat things like while it had buttons on front, the area around where the directional buttons clicks, is also touch sensitive.

Rolling your finger around the select button will scroll in some programs, or zoom in most. When you use the camera on it, it acts like a real camera shutter button. Touching the select button will focus the camera, then you click it in to take the actual picture. Another neat thing is when you pull out the stylus, it automatically turns on. They put a magnet in that senses when the stylus is removed and holds it in place as well.

It's the little things like that in the end that really sparks my interest. When you think about the way phones are now, stuff like this isn't needed anymore sadly. The hardware is decent for Windows Mobile at the time, with a VGA screen, good bit of RAM and ROM, specifically 288MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well, and runs on a Qualcomm 7201A at 528MHZ. I will get more into the details when I do a review later on.

The keyboard on it is for me, rather stiff, but it does work nice compared to some other ones I have tried over the years. Though to be completely fair, I haven't given it as much use as I should have, so I will need to do more before starting the actual review. The Dana has gotten the most use out of everything so far really.

The main issue that I have with it is that there is no 3.5MM headphone jack since while it does use a normal Mini B USB cable, the port is a special one that HTC used on a few other phones. It doubles as the audio jack with an adapter. While this does work, and I did get one from Brando when he sent the TYtN II, it annoys me since the phone is THICK and could have fit a 1/8" jack instead!

They did change this on the Touch Pro 2 as I recall, which is a lot thinner so it's kind of stupid really. It is the same way companies like Palm used a 2.5MM jack, when a 3.5MM would have not only fit but been a lot more useful. I know the excuse would have been that they didn't make wired headsets for 3.5MM then but they could have made them use the adapter instead. Especially when they had Bluetooth headsets, and so did pretty much every phone. But enough of that.

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