Friday, January 23, 2015

Newest Additions Part 6: Desktop, Blackberries, and Droid 4

Now the final three things, which would be the motherboard, processor, memory, which are being counted as one thing, and the two BlackBerry phones had also come from my good friend Nathan as well. Kind of funny when you think that a lot of the stuff came from one person but in different shipments.

The motherboard and other parts were given to him and he sent them to me so that I could seriously upgrade my aging desktop PC. I went from a 2.2GHZ AMD dual core to a blazing 2.66GHz quad core Intel! With FOUR times the memory as well. So while I am still using the same old 9800GTS graphics card, it is still one nice boost for sure!

He had also sent two old BlackBerries that he had found for me as well. One is a Storm 2 and the other is a 8900. There is not much too really say about these except that the 8900 is far nicer as it has a keyboard! Typing on the Storm 2 is far more annoying than it is really worth for me in the end.

I want to end this post, and the current series here by talking a little bit about the Droid 4. It is a slider device and is amazing for writing on as it has one of the best keyboards that I have ever used. It isn't the fastest, or the latest and greatest device out there, but it does the job.

You may have noticed none of these posts had pictures, and I would like to apologize for that. I will be doing reviews of the ones I didn't break soon, with a ton of pictures.

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