Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ubuntu 16.04 on HP Proliant ML115 G5

Ubuntu 16.04 on HP Proliant ML115 G5 installed great. The CPU on my Proliant ML115 G5 has been swapped to Phenom II X4 2.6GHz, and the GPU board added (Geforce GTX 950 by MSI). I also changed the HDD to SSD by CFD using a TOSHIBA SSD.

So, the total price for this machine is: server: 9800yen +Phenom II X4 CPU 14,000 yen + 21,000 yen for the Geforce GTX 950 + 9000 yen for the SSD made by CFD. So in total, this HP Proliant ML115 G5 is 53800 yen. ($527.83 USD at the current exchange rate)

I ran BOINC on this machine, and the GPU task of Einstein@Home is working well. I already finished one task (GPU) since yesterday (or was it two?).

I've successfully installed the GPU version of Tensorflow on this machine. :-)
I'm going to Fujisawa later on today to buy a Tensorflow book for my research.

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