Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Running Windows on top of Android (Videos)

Running Windows on top of Android (Videos)

Well, I've been talking with some cool people at HPCFactor, and I was introduced to BOCHS by the HPCFactor administrator, C:Amie.

I found these videos, and I was wondering how wonderful it will be to use BOCHS and QEmu on the latest Android hardware to emulate Windows. I would like to see a possibility of Android running Windows 8 if possible. My dream device is to use Sony Tablet P to run Windows 8, with Tegra 4 CPU (it's not out!).

Sony developers, if you are reading this blog, please make an Android machine that will be able to emulate x86 Windows 8 fast. I know you can do it. Also I'm looking forward to the next generation Playstation. Hope everything turns out well.

Windows XP SP2 on Android

Windows 95 on Sony Tablet P

Also, on a sidenote, I just had this wonderful inspiration to run Windows CE (x86) on top of Android! Keep checking, I might be able to do it!

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