Wednesday, December 18, 2013

IS01 Part 2

As you might have noticed, I only posted a small update on getting the Sharp IS01. This was intentional so I could take some time to post my first impressions later after using it for a bit. This also makes it easier to post up some pictures later. It can be hard to get a very good picture sometimes when there isn't a good area for my camera to focus on. That is one of the downsides of a nice DSLR I guess.

This isn't about my choice of camera though. Though that could be a good post for later maybe. The point of this post is the device in my hand that I type this on. I like to use the device as much as I can so I can form a more detailed opinion. What I am trying to say is that I am only doing final editing like spell check and adding pictures on a computer, and typing the actual post on the IS01.

The reason for me getting this was solely for writing my book. That is something I will admit to trying several times, and usually ends up the same way. I will add a link to what I have so far at the bottom of the post, and if enough people comment about it, I will post updates here as well. Once again, that is something for a different post.

The reason I got the IS01 over something else was the size looked nice. It has a 5 inch screen which makes it smaller than my tablet, in this case the Nexus 7, but larger than my Evo that I also got from Tsubasa. While I do like the Evo, using the onscreen keyboard can be slow and annoying, but with the extended battery I use, it can out last other devices, but that is yet another post for another day.

I also ended up getting a Droid 2, from another friend that I also posted about. Although that is another post, a trend for this post it seems, I have plans to use both devices for writing. The reason being that it has a keyboard as well, but the difference being it lights up. That is one downside to the IS01.

Another downside is there is no headphone jack, at least not in a traditional sense. In Japan they used a strange looking flat jack. I do not have an adapter so that means taking something else for music use anyway. That may not be such a bad thing when you consider the fact that it only has 256MB of RAM after all. You need to keep in mind the time this came out, that was standard amount. Today we usually have at least 1GB or more. We tend to be more spoiled today.

This only has a 1GHZ single core processor too. We tend to have phones now with quad core processors, and even some rarer 8 core processors too! That is one reason why I love using stuff like this. I hate to put it this way but it makes me feel more humble. Using older stuff makes you think about what we have differently in my opinion.

We call a lot of things slow, but for me, until you use something, like an old 50MHZ 486, it is hard to know what slow really is. When you deal with something like Android 1.6 which the IS01 runs, you need to find a different way to do things. I cannot run Dropbox on here, unless I find an old version that works on 1.6, so I have to send the files with Bluetooth or use the USB cable.

I am going to end this here before it becomes a novel. I will post more about it later. As promised, a link to my book I am writing.

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  1. Talking about slow, wait till you use a PIC with like, a few hundred KHz oscillator. Wait.. but that doesn't have an actual OS. lol.

    I remember switching the oscillator from like 4Mhz to 20Mhz and boy you could really tell that indeed faster clock speed really makes things faster. :)