Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Time I had Palm Pilot

The Time I had Palm Pilot was a few years back.

I've been always a Pocket PC / Windows Mobile person, but it was an interesting experience to own Palm Pilot for a short time. I've used the Palm emulator on my Casio Cassiopeia E-700WE, but it's so different to use the real device.

I bought the Palm Pilot at a local Recycle Store, it was about $18 or so, maybe less. I liked the case that came with it, it was really professional looking. 


  1. I sent a Palm Pilot Pro similar to that to Mikey sometime earlier this year or maybe it was sometime last year.

    Many years ago I used one on a daily basis but never for anything productive, just playing games in class while I was still in high school.

  2. Me too, back in the days I was using Pocket PC, I used it mostly for games like Monopoly and Racing Days. I guess you don't really appreciate the goodness of PDAs until you are over 20's lol. At least that's the case with me.