Sunday, December 8, 2013

More new toys!

Well, yesterday I got some more toys, which I briefly mentioned. I was too concerned with getting the phone activated, and by that I mean jail broken. Problem is I didn't get the stuff until 7, because FedEx comes late for home delivery. Which means I had less time to play with the stuff.

So, after finally figuring out what files I actuality needed, I have it jail broken and thus bypassed the phone activation, which I know would be useless since it is pretty old as far as phones are concerned anymore. It did come out in 2007 after all. It does make a decent iPod though, which is what I wanted it for anyway.

So far, I didn't get the chance to play with the other stuff yet. I can say that the Slate 7 is pretty well made, compared to my Nexus 7 at least. It has Android 4.1 on it, which is kind of old now, but still very capable. I need to root it though, which means I will probably see if I can get some form of Kit Kat on it.

I am not sure if I will do a custom ROM but I have to root it at the very least! Come to think of it I have to root the DROID2 still. The one method I tried, is rooted according to Titanium Backup but nothing else, so I need to try doing a real root method instead of the app on the DROID2 itself.

The other thing I got is an Audiovox PPC6700, which goes under a few names but the most important one would be the HTC Apache, since they are the ones who made it. Early on, HTC made a lot of stuff for other companies, such as Audiovox in this case.

While I didn't play much with it, I can say the keyboard on it feels nice. It has Windows Mobile 5 on it, which shows how old it is. I was in high school when it came out in 2006 as I recall. A friend of mine bought one because she wanted it for texting. She didn't play any games or anything on it, and I don't that she knew you could even install stuff.

I will need to play with the stuff more and maybe post some reviews as well.

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