Thursday, March 27, 2014

Engadget's Bias...

Ok, so this is sort of a rebuttable to Engadget, which I know probably won't be seen by them, but that is not the point. I have an opinion, and this is a blog, so I figured I would write this post. I commented on there but I feel like being a little more elaborate. The post on ENagdget can be found at:

As some people  know I picked up a Surface Pro, which I have to admit I really love. I use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse from Logitech, since I had the keyboard before I got the Surface, I didn't buy one of the covers. I personally think that $130 for a TypeCover 2 is a little expensive, since it only works on the Surface. They released a$60 adapter that would clip onto the covers the same way as they would onto the Surface, and makes them into a Bluetooth keyboard. This means that you can use it without it being connected to the tablet.

Now, this is also kind of overpriced, since you can get a separate keyboard for less if you know where to look and are not picky. In fact I got my K810 on sale for 50 bucks! The K810 is the one that lights up, pairs to 3 devices and is easy to switch between them, and also is rechargeable off micro USB. This isn't about the K810 though, what I want to talk about is how SMUG the post on Engadget is. I needed to give some background information first though.

The first two lines read "Remember the day Microsoft announced its new Surface tablets? Sure you do: there was all the usual pomp and circumstance, and even that keyboard cover that turned the Surface 2 into a portable DJ booth." Now, this is coming from a blog that is GLUED to any event Apple puts on. This is completely biased in my opinion.

The next part is what really annoyed me most of all, when they said "One thing that may have flown under your radar, though, was the wireless keyboard adapter, a $60 cylinder-shaped thing that allowed users to control their Surface tablets from up to 30 feet away over Bluetooth (like you do with a 10.6-inch device?)." Now, the Surface has video out, and in case of the Pro models, it is a full computer! What if I wanted to hook up my Surface Pro to an external display and use it as a desktop replacement?

If I already had a TypeCover and that adapter was priced better, I would buy one! If not just for using with an external display but sometimes I like the Surface Pro back farther to have a better view, or if I am working on something and need some space on my desk I can move the keyboard out of the way.

Maybe the adapter wasn't perfect, since reviews complained about the battery life and it keeping a charge, but the point is Microsoft can release a NEW version. Typical biased Engadget…

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