Friday, August 1, 2014

Mr Penguin's PC Repair Introduction

So, this is something I wanted to post on Wednesday but I had trouble getting around to it. I was installing Windows XP ad getting all the updates on what should have been a new toy I couldn't wait to post about, but thanks to UPS, this is not the happy post I wanted it to be BUT I think I can save it!

On Wednesday, I got a nice ThinkPad T41 from a friend. He found it in a scrap pile at a thrift store but it was in excellent quality, so I am not sure why they had it with that stuff but that isn't my issue. That means that normally they pull any RAM or hard drive, and sell it without a power supply, but that isn't the issue yet either. Though, they did miss the 512MB stick of RAM under the keyboard! I have spare hard drives, and a spare ThinkPad adapter.

So, what is the issue? Well I said it was because of UPS, and it turns out from the looks of the box they had dropped it. They dropped it hard enough to break the hinge and corner of the bottom chassis. Lucky for me, the screen, which is a lovely 1400x1050 resolution, is fine. The rest of the laptop is working great and I am using it to type this up.

 photo IMG_7126_zps1c8c9430.jpg

Now, I am going to fix this laptop once I get the parts, which my friend said he should have spares he can send me, as well as another old laptop of mine. I have an Asus Eee PC 1005PE with a bad screen cable an my neighbor just happened to have a similar, or same model as I didn't look at the label, that is in very bad shape and said he would give me the screen cable from.

So this got me thinking. While I don't think it is something that I have ever posted here, my friend who sent me the ThinkPad and I have a running joke. I have a small stuffed penguin that I like to place in pictures, and while the majority of it is more of an inside joke, he is named Mr Penguin. So I have decided to start a new column here, which may not see a LOT of posts, but there will be at the very least a few. So allow me to introduce…

Mr. Penguin's PC Repairs!

 photo IMG_71322_zpsdc400d44.jpg

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