Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HTC Flyer Review Heads Up

Well, I know that this blog was created for older computer stuff, but as technologies change, sometimes you just need to get a new toy because there isn't anything left in the market that can for your needs. For the longest time, I had tried to avoid a tablet. Sure they can be useful for a lot of things, and in fact I am typing this on my HTC Flyer, but the fact that I had a netbook kept me from putting down the money for one. So what changed? The simple answer is that I had wanted a new toy to play with. The longer answer, however is like i said when I started this review. The market changed and this is what fit the niche I had wanted to fill.

This is not the actual review as I still need to finish the Sigmarion III review, so take it as a heads up on what is coming to the site.

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