Thursday, October 6, 2011

Old Post: Retrospective Introduction

One of the old posts I had written a while ago.

Most of the times, we take what we have today and never think about how it got there. Take computers for instance. We use a laptop yet do we ever ask ourselves what came before this one? We never look back at our older stuff and think "WOW, I USED TO USE THAT?" Some people will look at the older laptop, and start it up once more to relieve the days when computers seemed to be much different. This is why I want to do these reviews of the older stuff I have and even use at times. These are retrospective looks back at what was once top of the line and cutting edge. Some of the things here will be 20 years old, some will be newer, but none the less, far from a current model.

I will do things such as laptops, PDAs, various hardware things like mice, drives, and much more if all goes well. This was even typed on one of the items I will be doing, a ThinkPad 600e from 1998. This is something that can run modern software actually, although when you think about it Windows XP is older then we think. I will not be focusing so much on software as I focus on hardware for most things really. In a way, its kind of sad to think that these old things can still be useful to someone like me. I am fascinated by older hardware, and trying to see what I can make it do. In the end, I have more fun with these old things then a modern toy.

I ask that you stick around and enjoy looking back at once was great. You can even submit your own retrospectives if you wish, simply send me an email at, and if its good, it will be posted. Don't forget to include a lot of pictures though! The older hardware is really hard to find good pictures of online, and the more pictures you include, the better feel we can get from reading it. You don't want to read something and not even have a picture of what the review is about!

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