Monday, April 28, 2014

Using Old Devices

As people who read this blog, I am sure you have the same fascination with older devices as I do. If not then you are probably on the wrong blog. I will assume though that you came here for the old toys we have to tell you about though! One thing people often wonder about me is what do I use these things for? Why would I rather use an old PDA instead of a shiny new smartphone? Why do I collect old laptops even though I have my Surface Pro or Lenovo G500s? Well then keep reading.

I am typing this on the Pre 3, to prove a point as well as because I genuinely love using it. I have mentioned before that I am working on a novel. The Pre 3 was something that I wanted as part of a never-ending quest to achieve true writing nirvana. Well, really it was because I have been trying to find something with a physical keyboard that I really liked. The previous one I had felt this way about was a Treo 700p which didn't have WiFi, so its use was limited. There have been many devices I have tried but I mentioned that in the Pre Impressions post the other day.

Now, one of the things that I use the Pre for is writing. I know that I can use a laptop, or even a tablet, or a newer phone. The problem for me is that the newer phones lack a keyboard. That can be blamed on Apple since when they introduced the iPhone, all of the smartphones had keyboards. Steve Jobs said the iPhone was better without one since it could change based on the application. This is fine for sending a quick text or email, but write a few thousand words on it and see how you feel about it! I am not sure how many but I'd say that I probably did a good 5000 words on the Pre between posting here, my own blog, my book, and chatting with people.

Now, why would I want to do so much work on here? It's simple really. I can drop it in my pocket and go. I can take it out anytime I want and write down an idea or even a few paragraphs. Unlike a laptop, which would need to start up, all I do is slide it open and start typing. It also gets a lot better battery life as well. I can charge it off the micro USB port. I have a small battery pack that I use, or even one that takes 4 AA batteries. There are times where my Surface would work well but there is nowhere to plug it in.

There are also times where I don't have the room to set up the Surface and keyboard. I don't need a table or anything to use the Pre. It is nice when I go somewhere and I don't need to find a spot with a table and an outlet. It helps to be able to work without worry that if you get up to get some more coffee someone will steal your seat. I can however always pair up a Bluetooth keyboard and use that when needed.

There are many reasons I can give but I want to keep this short. Maybe I will post more as a Random Thoughts post...

By Mikey Pizano

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