Thursday, July 17, 2014

Singularity 2014 part 3

Tsubasa's watch made a faint vibration indicating that they were ordered for going to the extraction zone.

"C'mon Mikey we gotta rush!" said Tsubasa. Mikey, being a heavy gunner too, had loads of equipment.

Then a stealth copter unmarked but black, came without turning on the red lights or any other lights.

Tsubasa an Mikey each got their rope and the rope winched up.

Extraction complete... Or so they thought...

"RPG-7!!!!" yelled the pilot, and the pilot swerved the stealth helicopter to avoid it. Mikey gunned the heavy machine gun while Tsubasa frantically communicated for reinforcements.

Strange........ There were more than 30 soldiers that appeared from nowhere.

To be continued.

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