Friday, July 11, 2014

Singularity 2014

The time is 2014. Yes. A.D. 2014. Signs of Armageddon are everywhere, and Tsubasa Kato and Mikey Pizano are always ready for the worst of things to happen. They have been deployed to Japan after intense training in cyber warfare, and looking out for Chinese and North Korean spies.

U.S. Special Forces and DHS have been cooperating with Tsubasa Kato and Mikey Pizano for a long time, and suspect was known to be hiding in a "safe-house" near the beach of Hiratsuka.

Mikey was armed with modified AK-47, and Tsubasa with sniper rifle which he purchased from a nearby gunsmith.

They were on a night mission to raid the "safe-house".

Human Traffickers and narcotic dealers were there, and they were heavily armed with AK-47s and even M4 which they purchased with bitcoin in the black market of internet.

Slow and steady they approached the "safe-house".... Tsubasa leaned towards Mikey and signaled to fire his AK-47 with silencer and Tsubasa used the scope with Infrared to calculate distance from him to the enemy.

Time to stealthily rescue sex-slaves... Mikey used his 4G LTE + satellite specialized PDA to communicate back to HQ. Transmission was somehow jammed! "Shit!" sweared Tsubasa as he switched his sniper rifle to special digital zoom mode. To be continued....

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