Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Talk with Mikey

Well, I was talking over chat with Mikey, my fellow writer at Classical Computing, and I asked him "What will you do with unlimited computer resource?"

For Mikey's privacy and the well being of the internet, I would not disclose his first answer, but his second answer was "SETI".
As some of you may know, you can contribute to SETI with your personal computer. I started a long time ago, but I don't contribute as much now. I'm more of an Einstein@Home person.

For my use of unlimited computer resource, I will use it to analyse twitter, Google+ and Facebook feeds. I will then get a lot of information crunched by the unlimited computer resource.
I will then use it to power my prediction engine using Google's Prediction API and a custom made prediction engine. Computing resource for predicting future for a limited set of information has been an interest to me.
I think there is still a lot of unexplored world in prediction and I see a huge potential in that.

I will make a program that will write its own stories from the information collected from the internet. I will then publish it to make money. Don't you think it is an interesting idea?

Running a Hadoop cluster will be so cool as well.

More ideas on this topic coming soon.

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